What is a Board Books Software?


Today’s market offers a wide range of products for organizing workflow within companies. Some of them emphasize digital security, others simplify document management and communication with customers. Nevertheless, all of them have one main purpose – to simplify and make the work of the company as a whole more effective, from the executive management up to each particular employee.

Board Books software has a special place in this market. It is a benchmark in the area of document management and board work organization. How it gained popularity among millions of users all over the world – we suggest you to learn from our short review.


Features of working with Board Books

Board Books is the software for organizing the paperless work of the board of directors. Thanks to its use, companies have the opportunity to:

  • Conduct preliminary preparations for business meetings without unnecessary fuss and large amounts of time;
  • Minutes of board meetings in real time on the basis of templates prepared in advance;
  • Draw up an agenda for upcoming meetings of the board of directors and send it simultaneously to all participants of the upcoming meeting;
  • Conduct board meetings online using a wide range of video conferencing tools, while creating streaming business documents;
  • Keep digital files that are used in company operations secure.

Both start-up companies and corporations with millions in sales can work with Board Books, and it doesn’t matter the field in which the company operates. Nevertheless, the best way to use Board Books is to organize the work in educational institutions of different levels and directions, as well as in companies that provide educational services.


Benefits of working with Board Books

This software provides many benefits for users that make it one of the best in its industry. In particular, the following features of the platform contribute to this:

  1. Ease of use. The software’s interface is so simple and straightforward that it doesn’t require much time or special knowledge to learn. But if the need arises, a team of technical support is ready to teach your company’s employees the finer points of working with the platform.
  2. High level of security. This is ensured due to the wide powers of administrators, who can control users’ actions at any time, using advanced standards of digital security, including ISO 27001, SSAE 16 and others, as well as biometric access to the file storage.
  3. Seamless access to corporate documents and virtual meeting rooms. The platform is designed for a large number of users, and it does not matter where users are located to participate in virtual meetings. Also, it does not matter what device you use to enter the virtual room – just enter your username and password.

With Board Books, you can set up document flow in your company without any extra efforts or time expenditures. Try it yourself and be convinced of the usefulness of the software for your company!

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