grow your business using videos

Ideas To Grow Your Business Using Videos

Marketers in these present times are well aware that videos are one of the essential elements of a successful marketing campaign. And statistics from consumers and brands alike are proving that true.
Businesses now publish 18 videos every month, with 86% of the people saying that they would like to watch more videos from brands in 2023. And this trend has no signs of slowing down!

There is a considerable rise in the adoption of video marketing. And why not? Videos are one of the fastest ways of standing out from the crowd. Well-planned and executed videos make it easy for businesses to convince customers to buy their products and services.

Ideas To Grow Your Business Using Videos

Just get the right video marketing idea your business requires, and nothing will ever stop you from gaining success. Here are a few ideas to grow your business using videos to help you out.

Interactive Videos Are in Trend

Interactive videos are the newest trend in video outreach for businesses in 2023. They allow the audiences to interact with a brand with content and links shared during the videos. They even provide live links for driving traffic to pages businesses want people to access.

It is easy to set up interactive videos these days. These visuals offer viewers the chance to participate in answer-question polls and even interact with exclusive video elements. You can even use such videos to drive people to your site or your landing pages so they can make purchases and get to know more about your business.

Interactive videos are one of the best ways to offer a personal and engaging experience. This is something not easy to offer to consumers with advertising-style and informative videos. Interactive videos have become the norm these days, and they will be the norm in the coming years as well.

Did You Know

Studies have shown that people are 64% more likely to remember a video Ad than a text Ad. 74% of people who watched an explainer video about a product or service subsequently bought it.

A demonstration or How-To Videos

If you want to make impactful small business videos, it would be wise to make a demonstration or how-to video. Sharing product or industry knowledge with prospective customers is one of the best ways of demonstrating your expertise and skills.

This way, you are not just helping the ones very close to the purchasing stage of their buyer’s journey know more about your product, but even the ones who are not ready to make the purchase decision.

They will keep in mind that you are helpful and have a clear understanding of your stuff as and when the time comes. Such videos not just drive traffic but also help with conversions and sales.

Product Videos

These are videos focusing on a product’s value to the customers. You can use such videos to highlight the advantages of your product. This way, you can help the consumers picture how the item will address their pain points.

Dissimilar to infomercials that make the customers’ problems seem excessively dramatic through a blatant sales pitch, product videos help brands connect with their audiences in the most authentic, conversational, and friendly manner.

TikTok Type Videos

Good quality snippets of visuals offering information, engaging, and fun are gaining huge popularity these days. TikTok stands as the perfect example of one platform that provides snippets of beneficial information in a silly and fun way.

The videos on this platform help individuals get an idea of the spirit of a brand along with the products and services it offers. TikTok has gained huge popularity these days, and several platforms like this are also growing at a breakneck pace.

Technically, such platforms might not be useful for advertising, but they seem perfect for the engagement requirements of brands. Such videos can even allow brands to show the functionalities of their products in short visual sections that will catch people’s attention.

Client or Customer Testimonials

The most authentic customer testimonial videos use social proof to build trust with prospective customers. You can add good context to such videos by asking your existing consumers to tell the viewers why they use your products and services.

Such videos are instrumental in building trust among prospective customers as they see the existing customers of a business saying good things about a brand. Also, the existing customers get more confident about using the products and services of your brand as they find you trustworthy.

They see that you are constantly making efforts to grow your business, which means you are here to stay. So, the existing customers also stay with your brand for a very long time.

Storytelling-Based Videos

Storytelling-based videos serve as the most engaging marketing tools because people automatically get engaged with well-executed stories. Giving people something in the form of a story that continues from one informational video to the other keeps them engaged with your business and gets them back to you for more.

Storytelling videos are one of the greatest ways to show everything your brand does without making your outreach specifically only about sales. Outreaching your customers by telling them everything about your brand without any sales pitch included is a significant help.

The customers of these present times appreciate being spoken to about brands without being forced into watching an endless number of hard sell visuals begging them to invest or purchase products from your company.

Narrative videos are becoming increasingly used ways of reaching out to customers. In 2023, businesses need to work this style of videos into their Digital marketing plans.

Introductory Videos

Making introductory videos is another excellent way of helping customers know more about your brand and its team members. Such videos give potential customers a behind-the-scenes look at people who work efficiently towards making your business a success.

Perhaps you might have an exclusive production procedure or an enthusiastic team. This can be a scope of speaking about your business while entertaining the audience simultaneously.


Putting good time and effort into creating top-quality videos that relate to your business and the products and services you are offering is well worth it. Digital marketing solutions leveraging video marketing ideas in the right way will help you get the brand engagement you need. It will also bring in great results.

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